What’s SIMPLY AURI 純木耳?

SIMPLY AURI is a tasty herbal Wood Ear Mushroom drink paired with Organic juice or honey.  

Auri is a short term of Auricularia Auricula commonly known as Wood Ear Mushroom 木耳 (mù ěr).  It grows naturally on the bark of the tree in the deep Asian forest. It is a popular ingredient in Asia and has been recognized for its supreme health benefits and medical applications for thousands of years. It is tasteless and contains fiber, iron, plant-based collagen, Polysaccharides, protein, vitamins and minerals.  It helps to lower cholesterol, blood sugar, prevent heart disease and also detox the body. Wood Ear Mushroom is certainly a sublime food for healthy body and mind.

We have carefully selected a mushroom farm from our homeland Taiwan which participates in "Compassion Heart Organic Agriculture Development Foundation" and organic fruit juice and honey to best deliver great taste and its nutritional benefits.

–Enjoy a super food on the go~ 


Zesty Honey Lemon

All Natural Auricularia Auricula

               with Organic Honey and Lemon Juice                                 

Antioxidant Cranberry Grape

All Natural Auricularia Auricula

with Organic Cranberry Grape Juice from Concentrate

Powerhouse Apple Grape

All Natural Auricularia Auricula

with Organic Apple Grape Juice from Concentrate


Benefits of Auricularia Auricula

Plant-Based Collagen: Auricularia Auricula contains abundant protein that holds the whole body together. It provides strength and structure to the bones, muscles, skin and tendons.

Detoxification: Auricularia Auricula contains high dietary fiber and collagen which has incredible absorption and dissolution effects on toxin accumulated in our body.  High dietary fiber increases the amount of feces and therefore prevents constipation. As the result, the study has shown that Auricularia Auricula helps to reduce the risk of colon cancer. In addition, dietary fiber and collagen found in Auricularia Auricula are also connected to support of digestion system and reduce risks of gallstones and kidney stones. Each serving of Simply Auri contains a minimum of 5 grams of dietary fiber. 

Good Source of Iron: Auricularia Auricula contains more iron than Spinach.  Iron is essential for producing blood cells and certain proteins that carries oxygen throughout our body.  Therefore it is considered a superior blood-enriching source.

Natural Source of Polysaccharides:  Major health benefits of Auricularia Auricula Polysaccharides (AAP) from various researches include:

1. Anticoagulant effect which prevents heart disease.

2. Antithrombotic effect and cerebral arteriosclerosis.

3. Promote immune systems.

4. Lipid-lowering effect and lowers cholesterol.

5. Cell repair and protection against cell damages, including anti-radiation effects and anti-inflammatory effects.

6. Reduce the risks of alloxan-induced diabetes.

7. Anti-aging effects and promotes immune functions.

8. Anti-mutagenic effects.

9. Antioxidant effects.

10.  Increase the activity of SOD, inhibit lipid peroxidation, reduce the tissue damages and cell damages.

11.  Anti-ulcer effect. AAP can inhibit the formation of stress ulcer.

12.  The anti-tumor effect

13.  Reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and other age-related diseases.

Anti-Aging: Auricularia Auricula contains melanin that has been recognized as an antioxidant. Asian believes it is beneficial for women because it helps improve blood circulation, skin tone, and reduce skin pigmentation.

Weight Control: Auricularia Auricula is low in calories and has zero fat. The pectin in Auricularia Auricula absorbs water which results fulfill feelings.  Pectin also adheres to the wall of the villi which helps reducing absorption of fat and cholesterol. 1 serving of Simply Auri has only 110 calories with zero fat plus 1 gram of protein and 5 grams of fiber.

"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."


Auri Story

Rita grew up drinking Auri drink and decided to start making the drink in her very own kitchen in CT to share it with everyone. After several positive feedbacks and folks now have a good understanding of the health benefits, WeiChien asked why not share this with more people to enjoy. As such, we are now partners and have now bottled the essence in a drink so that more people can enjoy the health benefits on the go.

We also believe in environmental protections and living in peace with all living being on earth, therefore we choose environmental friendly ingredients and packaging materials for our Simply Auri products. 

Sustainable Glass Bottle.. Glass is made from three natural ingredients: sand, limestone and soda ash. It is the only package that is reusable as well as recyclable and does not break down into harmful chemicals in the earth or oceans. Globally, glass products contain an average of 37% post-consumer recycled glass.

Paper Label...No plastic waste

If you share the same philosophy with us, we will be more than happy to exchange ideas and work together. 

Our aspiration is to bring this natural gift to you and pay back to the society for a more virtuous and peaceful world through Simply Auri.


I really enjoyed Simply Auri and the thick jelly/tapioca like texture. It was more like a meal than a drink and only 100 cals! The taste was delicious. Thanks for turning me onto it I’ll definitely be getting more from westerly and looking forward to trying the rest of the flavors!

Blake Shalem COO/Gotham Security

Despite being a filling drink, Auri is extremely refreshing and light. On my 13 hour road trip, I was sustained completely by Auri!

JingLi Wong Founder/Num Num Cup

Simply Auri is really tasty. My favorite flavor is Honey Lemon but they are all delicious. It has just the right amount of sweetness and is surprisingly filling. I love that there are just a few fresh ingredients. Very healthy!

Emma Villavicencio
Picasso is supposed to have said, “Je ne cherche pas, je trouve”. Well, in a somewhat different sense, when I found Auri, I wasn’t looking for it, or at least, I didn’t know I was. The first sip was like a love letter : perfectly suited to my health priorities and palette, I had found my soulmate in a liquified mushroom. “Strange” you might say, but it is not so strange for anyone who finds romance in pure health.
Jonny Gillett

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